Friday, July 08, 2005

Country Fairs and Funeral Homes

I had so, so much fun is Swift Current! I don't know where to begin. One of my best friends, Mr. C, was born and bred there and knew just what to do with me to make sure I had a great mini break from work, packing, etc. We went to a country fair, "Frontier Days." We eat far too much greasy food, fudge, mini donuts, wandered around looking at the bright lights and sketchy rides. The people watching was amazing. Later in the evening, we watched stock car racing. You have to imagine this. Old, beat up cars, painted in bright colour with large numbers on their sides racing a round a dirt oval, very muddy from a huge thunderstorm earlier in the day. The mayor of Swift Current, a woman in her sixties, known as "Mayor Sandy" was waving the flags, calling all the shorts. Somewhere behind us an announcer was entertaining us with his colourful commentary. My favourite was, "Mike's havin' some problems, his car is out there barking like an old hound dog!" I know no idea what was meant by the comment. I guessed Mike was having some engine problems?!

We also met a lovely old lady, named Maria. She was giving spinning demos at the fair. She was so sweet. She spoke with a German accent and told us all about that she uses to dye her wool (carrot tops, sage, marigold flowers, moss). She was very happy to hear that both Mr. C and I were knitting, she said, " That's wonderful! You are so young!" She asked what we liked to knit and when we said good bye, she said "Goodbye, Sweeties." I wanted to take her home.

After watching three seasons of Six Feet Under in about as many weeks, Mr. C and I had to go an investigate the old funeral home in Swift Current. It looks so much like the Fisher & Diaz home, it's spooky.

I have more to tell you, but it's craft night tonight and I have a few things to get ready before I go.

Enjoy the picture, I hope to add more very soon.



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