Friday, April 15, 2005

Feeling Better

Wow, my last post was kind of depressing. I guess I was feeling kind of down. But I am feeling better today. The ex and I have been doing much better. He has a big interview in Toronto on Monday and is really stressed about it. He is about to graduate from art school and is a little freaked out about what he is going to do with his life...sound familiar? The Toronto thing would be a great opportunity, so I hope it goes well for him, although I'd miss him terribly if he moved away.

Anyway, back to my crafty endeavors. I joined My Little Mochi's Postcard Swap. I am excited to have a crafty assignment! I got my list this a.m. and will be sending postcards to the U.S., Australia, Wales, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. I'm not sure what my postcards will look like yet, but I have piles of pretty paper and am thinking of some sort of collage thing.

I have to say I'm sorry for the lack of pictures on my blog. I don't have a digital camera (gasp!). I am hoping to buy one this summer, as well as a new computer. I'm not sure how I will be funding this as a) I have too many craft plans this summer. I won't have time to work, and b) I don't have a real job. I work at a coffee shop (I wear a green apron, don't hate me). I enjoy my job, but the money isn't great. I will have a degree in two months, but I have little faith of finding a real job. Maybe I could sell my coloured, unruly hair a la Jo in Little Women. Any takers? It likes to style itself.


P.S. Does anyone read this? If you do, please leave me a comment. I feel like I'm talking to myself sometimes.


Anonymous button said...

I am reading! You have a very cute site - I know the pain of no digital camera, until recently I was in the same boat :)

4:12 a.m.  
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